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As an IT manager: One of your responsibilities is to standardize employee email signatures and implement tools to manage them across the organization.

The problem: It is difficult to find reliable, agile, automated processes to control email signatures. This is time consuming for you, frustrating for the people in your organization, and has a negative impact on your organization’s brand image.

The solution: Give your communications department a centralized management interface so that you no longer have to handle email signature-related issues.

Letsignit will boost your:

circle light Efficiency: 100% of signatures are consistent and aligned with your brand image.

circle light Flexibility: Each brand, division, business unit, country, or group can manage its own communications from the same management interface.

circle light Productivity: Letsignit is automated and integrated into your AD; it is easy to use and requires no special support.

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AS A COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: Your challenge is to find a 100% effective communication channel. Your mission is to boost employee engagement to drive your organization’s performance.

THE PROBLEM: With traditional channels like your intranet and bulletin boards is that they are not easily accessible, widely read, or, more importantly, shared.

THE SOLUTION: It is to leverage your email signatures to share up-to-the minute company news across your organization.

Letsignit will boost your:

circle darken Agility: Program banners with configurable start and end dates for your email signatures to get your latest news out.

circle darken Impact: 98% of email signature banners in in-house emails are seen.

circle darken Performance: With click rates of more than 10% for internal emails, you can rest assured that your news will be seen and shared.

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As a marketing manager: You are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve the performance of your campaigns and increase your ROI.

The problem: But you don’t always have the time—or the budget—to do it all. But there is a potential goldmine at your fingertips and you are missing out on millions of opportunities to communicate!

The solution: Use your email signatures to extend the reach of your marketing campaigns. Make your employees your best ambassadors!

Letsignit will boost your:

circle darker Track: With Letsignit’s tracking features, you know exactly which topics your audience is interested in. Get detailed data on all messages sent, click rates, and who clicks.

circle darker Responsiveness: Employees get an alert each time someone clicks on their signature. Know exactly when to follow up with your contacts.

circle darker Profitability: With a cost-per-click of around €0.30, there is no reason not to use Letsignit.

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Since we implemented Letsignit, all of our emails are consistent with our brand guidelines and our employees have become our leading brand ambassadors.

Portrait de Jean-Philippe Henry responsable infrastructure

Letsignit was instrumental in the success of our Sociabble rollout. All of our employees felt involved in the project. The level of engagement was high.

Portrait de barbara olive, service digital CGI marseille

We love being able to actually measure how well our signatures are performing. It is an effective communications channel with a click rate of more than 3%.