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RougeGorge Lingerie chooses Letsignit following migration to G Suite.

Thomas Clauw, Systems and Network Administrator at RougeGorge Lingerie, talked to us about what spurred RougeGorge to choose Letsignit.

What circumstances led you to Letsignit?

We had been using Lotus Notes for email until 2013. It was hosted at Phildar. Then, in 2013, we switched to a more flexible SaaS solution, G Suite.

The migration gave us the perfect opportunity to rethink how we wanted to do things. We knew we needed new IT tools like collaborative workspaces, videoconferencing, and email signature management.

What were you hoping to accomplish with Letsignit?

The three main priorities were:

  • To ensure consistent email signatures
  • To use email as another channel for our marketing and communications campaigns
  • To raise our brand’s profile

So, why Letsignit?

We really liked how fast and easy the solution was to implement and for users to learn. The management interface is also very user-friendly. The analytics and trackers are great, as well. We know exactly how each signature is performing.

What did the integration process look like?

We were up and running with Letsignit in less than three months.
In December 2014 we started talking about implementing an email signature management tool.
In January 2015 we decided to go with Letsignit.
In February 2015 we set up a ten-user test.
In March 2015 rollout was completed and all users were operational.

Exemple de signature mail de la société RougeGorge

How do your employees feel about the solution?

They were pleasantly surprised at how innovative it is. Users can select which signature they would like to use, which gives them a lot of freedom. And, in terms of implementation, no action at all was required on the part of users. Everything was very clear, which many employees told us they appreciated.

How do your contacts outside the company feel about the solution?

The solution is not that common, so they are pleasantly surprised when they receive our emails. And they are definitely clicking on our signatures to access our content. They are also sharing new information with their colleagues. So, for us, mission accomplished!