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Pernod Ricard powers its email signatures with digital technology

Pernod Ricard is a wine and spirits company with 85 subsidiaries and 100 manufacturing plants. The company is implementing a premiumization strategy to move its broad portfolio of international brands upmarket.
Pernod Ricard’s organization is both horizontal and international. So, the company felt that it was important to set up a policy to ensure consistent employee email signatures companywide. Initially, the company brought in an IT service provider. The solution developed did most of what the company needed it to do, but was difficult to upgrade. Pernod Ricard’s IT Division then started looking for a more flexible solution that would facilitate the rollout of the company’s email signature policy.

The company investigated the solutions on the market and choose Letsignit because it is easy to implement and offers the flexibility to adapt to a broad range of use scenarios. The goal was to set up a professional-grade solution to manage all email signatures at the company and its subsidiaries. To date, Letsignit is used by 4,200 users at 26 subsidiaries; Pernod Ricard is gradually expanding the scope of implementation every month.

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One of the major benefits of the solution is how easy it is to use companywide. The subsidiaries and communications departments can manage their email signatures directly through the Letsignit management interface. They do not need to go through Pernod Ricard’s IT department . This was one of the features that tipped the balance in favor of Letsignit, and it really helped get users up and running quickly. It also lets us rapidly make updates. If one of our products changes, we can upload new images and our email signatures are always up to date.

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Another key benefit is that, because Letsignit is cloud-based, Pernod Ricard does not have to deal with integration or support. This also makes communication between Pernod Ricard employees and Letsignit simpler and makes operational excellence the foundation of the relationship. And, in terms of the quality of our relationship with Letsignit, the support is excellent. We can even have Letsignit help our subsidiaries create their email signatures if needed.

The first phase of the project has been an operational success, and our employees have been very enthusiastic about it. Ultimately we would like to go beyond just ensuring the consistency of our signatures and use Letsignit to promote things like employee activities and events.