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ExterionMedia boosts the impact of its employee communications with email signatures

The average mid-sized business sends and receives 7, 000,000 emails per year. Most of these emails are internal. How did ExterionMedia get the most out of their internal emails? Learn more with Jean-Philippe Henry, Infrastructure Manager, ExterionMedia.

Can you tell us a little bit about ExterionMedia?

ExterionMedia France, formerly Giraudy, is one of France’s leading outdoor advertising companies. We sell more than 50,000 advertising spaces to some 9,000 advertisers.

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What circumstances led you to Letsignit?

We came to Letsignit when we rebranded. We changed our name in 2014, so we had to get our new brand and image out to all of our employees and suppliers.

And what did Letsignit help you accomplish?

Letsignit made it possible for us to ensure that all of our internal and external communications—and, especially, our brand logo and other visuals—were used in a way that is consistent with our brand guidelines.

Do all of your employees use Letsignit?

Yes. We implemented Letsignit companywide. So, all of our 400 employees are using it.

How does Letsignit support your communications strategy?

When we implemented Sociabble for our in-house communications, we used Letsignit’s email signature capabilities to spread the word and to get our employees—spread out over 35 offices in five regions—on board. We also wanted everyone to know about new products and interactive features at the same time.

And how is Letsignit performing? Do you have any data?

Yes, we do. We implemented a TV channel project, ExterionMediaGreen. We ran a campaign for our employees that generated 46,000 views in just two weeks.

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Do you have any plans to use email signatures to communicate with stakeholders outside of the company?

That will be the next step for us. Letsignit is also ideal for communicating outside the company. And that is an important factor for us. Because we have operations in five regions, we would like to run different campaigns targeting in different locations for given periods through our partners.

Now that you are up and running with Letsignit, how satisfied are you with the solution?

Very satisfied. We have been using Letsignit signatures for more than two years now. At this point the process is fully automated and we have full control over all employee data. Letsignit has also lightened the workload for our in-house IT support team. We no longer need to go to them for signature-related issues. Perhaps what is most important is that our brand communications are consistent across the company.

Interview by Pierre Auger, Office 365 Product Manager, Microsoft France